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Sultry Sexcapades – Pregnant and Horny

Published January 22, 2020 by Chloe King - Erotic Author

Never mind the nasty morning sickness and the weird things I eat now I’m pregnant. I wish this was all I had on my mind. Sadly not. I WAS HORNY AS… FUCK. There, I’ve said it. OMG, I can’t believe I told you all. What am I going to do? Mr Girthy isn’t adequate anymore, he doesn’t stretch me enough. Cody is at work along with my…ok our lover. I need to do something, though I can’t quite pick up the courage to ask Cody about what to do.
Yes, I’m horny and it’s always at the wrong damn time. I need something…sorry make that someone to… oh fuckerty fuck, there’s someone at the door. Hold right there and I’ll be right back since you seem to be such a good listener.

I closed my diary hearing my doorbell ring once again, sauntering downstairs, across the lounge I peeped through the side window and frowned. A tall, broad dark-skinned man stood on my doorstep. I was stumped. I’d never seen him before. Slowly opening the door letting my eyes wander across his body until their eyes connected.
“Who are you?”
“I’m yours for the day,” he smiled. “Call me Benedict.”
“May I come in?”
“Wait a moment,” I shut the door in his face wondering what to do. Finding my cell phone, I called Cody.
“Hey Hun, how are you feeling?”
“There’s a guy at the door called Benedict who just told me he’s ‘mine for the day’, whatever that means?”
“I-I-I,” he spluttered over the phone making me frown. “Sorry,” he chuckled. “Benedict is my gift to you for when you get…” he lowered his voice, “horny,” he whispered.
“Cody,” I gasped. “How could you do this without talking to me?”
“I’m sorry Hun. You can send him away if you wish. He’s there to chat with you today. I got my days mixed up or I would’ve mentioned it this morning.”
“I don’t need…”
“Shelby…I can’t keep up with how horny you get. You practically pounce on me as soon as I get home. Though it’s amazingly wonderful. I need a break.”
“What about…”
“You’ll need to talk to him. I’ve got to go. You talk to Benedict and let me know what you want to do. I love you, babe,” he closed the connection.
I went back to the door to find Benedict sitting on the porch swing reading a book. He looked up and smiled.
“You ok, Ms Shelby?”
“I’ve no idea. I suppose you’d best come inside. I’ll make us both a drink.”
“That would be lovely. Tea if you have any,” he smiled.
I took Benedict’s coat indicating he sit at the kitchen bar while I made two cups of tea. “English Breakfast tea?”
“My fav.”
“Tell me about yourself and how you got mixed up in…” I waved my arms around, “this?”
“I’m twenty-eight and graduated with a master’s in art history. Sadly, it’s not turned into a job so I spoke to my father about what he did.”
“Well, he trained as a lawyer and gave up the career due to the long hours. He still does some work, though only when he wants to. Needing to make money he became a sexual artist.”
“Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that job before,” she smiled, placing a mug of tea in front of him and sat down across from him.
“He trained in the sexual arts and was able to help others to get what they need to be happy in their relationship…well that was until he fell in love with my mother.”
“You’re saying you’ve moved into the same…”
“Yes. I know how to pleasure a woman to orgasm. I always make sure she’s satisfied before I am. I always use protection, though I’m clean too. I get checked every three months.”
“Why are you here?”
“Your husband requested I talk with you about…” he bit his lip and I nearly groaned, “How horny you’ve become since you became pregnant. Apparently, it happened to my mother too. God that was so embarrassing to hear at the time,” he grinned.
“What’s on offer?” My fingers gripped my mug, my body getting excited. I already felt wet between the legs. I wanted to pounce on his gorgeous body.
“If I can help you in any way…sexually, then I will.”
“You’ll fuck me?”
“Make love to you. I don’t fuck. I take care of a woman I’m helping.”
“Do you want to make love to me?”
“You’re a stunningly gorgeous woman, Ms Shelby. I’d enjoy helping you get rid of your sexual itch.”
“Finish your tea and then we’ll go to my bedroom. Let’s see what you have.”
“Sure,” he smiled. Standing up he followed me upstairs and into my bedroom.
“I’d like to see what you have,” I said, my eyes travelling over his biceps, pecs and abdominal muscles, hidden by his t-shirt. My eyes landing on his rather large looking package.
“I’m sure you’ll like, Ms Shelby,” he grinned, pulling his t-shirt over his head.
My hands reached out to touch warm milk chocolate skin. Not a hair in sight on his chest. I licked my lips my fingers shaking, trying to undo his trousers.
“I’ll do that,” he murmured in my ear. Stepping back, he sat on the end of my bed, removing his shoes and socks then removing his tight black jeans to reveal he was naked underneath. His dick sprang up against his stomach. “Do you like?” he said as he stood up.
“Wow, Benedict.”
“How about getting some clothes off you?” he smirked.
“God, yes,” my jeans and t-shirt tumbled to the floor until I stood before him in my matching bra and thong, the swell of my pregnancy more noticeable now.
“You’re gorgeous. May I,” his head stilled a few inches off my round stomach.
“Wow. It’s incredible to think you have a new life inside you.”
“I wouldn’t mind having you inside me, Benedict,” I smirked.
“In time. I’d like to explore your body. Tell me what you like and what you don’t.”
I curled my hand around his shaft flicking my finger over the slit spreading his pre-cum down his thick length. “I like to suck dick and…” I squealed when he picked me up tossing me on my bed, his dick bouncing up and down. “Let me…”
“Exploring you,” he smiled crawling onto the end of the bed kissing the base of my right foot. “I’m going to find all your erroneous spots and bring you to orgasm with my tongue.” He slowly kissed and licked his way up my right leg until his nose was against my thong inhaling my scent. Then he started again with the left foot and leg until he reached my apex kissing my pussy, making me squirm harder. My hands reached down to grab his head pulling him against me.
“Please, Benedict,” his tongue pushed through my pussy lips swiping over my vagina, my hips bucked, his hand came up to hold my hips in place when he nibbled my clit. “God,” I yelled out my body couldn’t decide whether to pull away or push against him harder. My body started to tremble when his tongue pushed inside my sheath making me explode in an instant. “God, Benedict,” the feel of his tongue had my muscles tight trying to hold him, my juices ran as my orgasm continued to roll letting him lap them up until my shudders.


I looked up at this gorgeous woman, still shuddering from the impact of the orgasm I’d given her. She was delicious and I couldn’t wait to be inside her. My dick was rock hard, my balls aching for release. Ignoring it I trailed kisses, nibbles and licks until I got to her covered slightly swollen breasts. Her nipples hardened, her body quivered when I pushed the fabric away and sucked them into my mouth alternately while letting my dick nudge her entrance.
“You taste divine, Ms Shelby.”
“You’re good at this,” she moaned as I responded by stretching one of her nipples. “Kiss me.”
“I don’t kiss,” I replied. “I only make you orgasm; give you joy and calm your horny body.
“Fuck me.”
I sat up reaching for my jeans taking out a couple of condoms, ripping one open I sheathed my dick. “How do you like making love? What is the most comfortable position for you?”
“No preference at present.”
I grabbed a pillow pushing it under her hips, pulling off her thong I lifted her legs over my hips letting my dick nudge her opening. Her swollen clit was getting harder as I slid my hands under her buttocks, letting my right fingers touch her puckered hole. She jumped.
“You like that?”
“Yes,” she hissed. “Do me,” she demanded.
“Beg me,” I smirked pushing my dick head into her vagina and pulling out.
“Please, Benedict. Put your large brown dick into my tight pussy. Let me feel your throbbing length take me,” she pushed against me then squealed when my forefinger pushed into her anal channel. God, she was so fucking tight I nearly lost my load.
“Soon, sweetheart,” I lay over her kissing her baby bump and plucking at her breasts my dick opening her up as I finally gave in and pushed an inch inside her. Her muscles gripped me. I closed my eyes biting my lip breathing through my impending orgasm. She lifted towards me, my dick slipping deeper. I groaned at the sensations of her tight muscles. “Fuck, Shelby.”
“Yes please,” she gasped and I slammed the rest of the way to her core. Fucking hell my dick loved her heat and grip. He throbbed harder. I stilled opening my eyes and looking down at her.
“You ok?”
“Take me hard,” she mewled.
“Careful of the baby,” I muttered.
“Baby is fine. Now fuck me, Benedict.”
I withdrew to my tip slowly pushing back over and over, taking her slow and easy, her juices made my thrusts easier. I lifted her legs to my shoulders watching my dick sink between her lush pink pussy lips eating me up. She slammed up, so I grabbed her hips pulling her closer.
“I’m not going to last long, Ms Shelby,” I groaned when she flexed her muscles. “Fuck,” I closed my eyes my hips jerking, thrusting my shaft in and out. Sweat gathered on my brow and chest, she crossed her ankles tightening her tunnel ever further and I lost it. “Harder, faster,” she cried as I pounded her body until I pressed against her hard grunting out my shooting my seed into the condom while Shelby screamed, her fingers grasping the sheets, her eyes closed. God, it was a glorious sight. I’d not come so hard in a long time. My back arched through my climax, hips jerking until I had no more cum for Shelby to milk. Shuddering I settled over her body kissing her breasts as she whimpered and relaxed. I rolled us to our sides so as not to crush her baby.
“You ok?” I slipped out of her, removing my condom, tying it and dropping it in the bin beside the bed.
“That was fabulous, Benedict,” her hand cupped my chin, raising her lips to mine, I turned away, her kiss landing on my stubble.
“Why don’t you kiss?”
“It’s not something we do. Even if your husband went to a massage parlour, the women never kiss a client. It’s all about safety and respect for each other.”


I wish we could have kissed. He’d given me an amazing orgasm, just what I needed. My body was still humming from aftershocks.
“I bet you’re a great kisser, Benedict.”
“So I’ve been told,” he smirked.
“Thought you said…”
“I do have a personal life, Ms Shelby. A satisfying one.”|
“Wow. Sorry.”
“Nothing to be sorry about. This is my job. The same as your husband has his. Then he comes home to you. He’s an exceptionally lucky man.”
“Yes, he is,” I smirked, flicking my eyes to the clock. “Oh. My. God. I need to get moving. I have to make dinner.”
“Calm down. There’s plenty of time,” his lips closed over my nipple ring tugging it gently. “Why don’t you ride me, he seems to like you,” he took hold of his dick stroking it. I picked up his second condom covering him, grabbing a toy out of my drawer and straddled his lap. “What are you going…” I pushed Girthy into my sheath after rubbing it over my clit. “What…” I spread my juice over my pucker lining up with his dick and pushed down making him gasp. Pleasure flooded me…with looser muscles due to pregnancy he eased into my butthole. I slammed down our bodies were touching.
“Christ, Benedict,” I muttered.
“Fucking hell, woman,” he held my left hip taking hold of Girthy and fucked me, both dicks spreading me wide until I was whimpering for release. He pulled out Girthy pressing and rubbing my clit watching me. I felt my jaw drop, my climax shaking through me, muscles clinging and releasing until he thrust up hard roaring his orgasm. “My God, you…” he gasped, staring at me as I finished milking his shaft before falling into his arms by his side. Of course, now I was knackered and…


Shelby fell asleep. I untangled myself from her body, removing the condom, grabbing the second on and flushed them down the toilet. Taking a quick shower, I dressed and pulled the covers over her body so she wouldn’t get cold.
Lucky for Shelby I was a good cook. Yeah, it’s not something I would usually do, though after such an amazing time I thought I’d help her out and make a slow cooker meal. In the kitchen, I made myself another cup of tea, found some fresh chicken in the fridge and got to work, chopping and dicing chicken and veg straight into the pot. Opening the pantry, I found some gravy granules scattering some in with a bit of white wine from the fridge and water. Turning it on high I cleaned up, finishing my tea and left wondering if I’d ever see Shelby again.

Cody arrived home to find dinner cooking and Shelby fast asleep on their bed. Smiling he took a quick shower, changing into jeans and t-shirt and sat beside her on the bed. Leaning forward he kissed her nose. Her eyes blinked open.
“Hey,” she smiled.
“How did it go with Benedict?” Shelby flushed, sitting up, her arms over her chest, biting her lips “I take it you took him up on his offer,” Cody chuckled. She glared; Cody burst into laughter.
“Well, yeah,” she muttered. “God, how long have I been asleep. I can’t believe you’ve been home long enough to cook dinner; I’m starving.”
“I didn’t cook dinner. I’ve only been home for half an hour. I thought…”
“Who did?”
“No idea. You get dressed and we’ll go and find out who our chef of the day was.”
Shelby pulled on her underwear with jeans and a t-shirt, taking Cody’s hand they went downstairs. The aroma had them lifting their noses at the delicious aroma. Entering the kitchen, they found the slow cooker on and the surfaces clean and tidy. A note was sitting beside the slow cooker.

‘Enjoy the food. Benedict.’

“Wow,” said Cody. “He’s more than I ever realised.”
“He’s gorgeous and generous,” Shelby giggled. “This smells delicious. What do you want with it?”
“Cut up the meat and we can have it as a chunky soup.”
“Great idea, saves waiting.”
“You enjoyed him then?”
“Thank you, Cody. I did. However, I’ll always enjoy you better. I love you,” she curled her hands around his neck, tangling her fingers, kissing him lightly. “Food and then some play…if you’re not too tired.” She turned away from him, removing two dishes from the cupboard. Taking the lid off the slow cooker she inhaled the smell.
“Always happy to play, darling,” he kissed the nape of her neck, his hands holding her waist. “How’s our baby today?”
“Good,” Shelby dished up the chicken casserole and they sat at the bench to eat. “God, this is delicious. I’ll have to ask him for…Will I see him again or can you ask him for the recipe?”
“Didn’t he leave a card?”
“No idea.”
“I’ll ask if you want?”
“Thank you,” she smiled.
“You go rest and I’ll wash up then we can watch TV or play…sleep,” he grinned.
“If you need him again, I can organise it.”
“You are the best man a woman could want or love.”
Shelby moved to the lounge, putting the TV on while Cody rinsed and put the dishes in the dishwasher eventually joining her on the couch.
“How’s Tony?”
“Good. Why? Are you missing him?”
“Wondering,” she replied. “Are you boys going out this weekend since we didn’t manage it last Saturday?”
“Good idea. You and the girls can go out too.”
“That’s what I’m aiming for before I get too big to party.”
“As long as you’re happy, my love.”
“With you as my husband and lover, how could I not be happy?”
“Yep. I need my rest especially if you wish to play first,” he turned the TV off, holding out his hand. Fingers tangled they made their way upstairs and some relaxing loving.

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