Erotic Short Stories – UPDATED

Opening her front door she dropped the parcels on the carpet, her eyes wide in shock, her jaw slack, wondering what was going on. Stepping inside slowly, she closed her door quietly, looking around the dimly lit hall. Candles sat on the shelf letting a rose fragrance grace the air as the flames shuddered in the gentle breeze.
“Max?” she called out, removing her jacket, and placing her parcels on the stairs. “What’s going on?”
Placing her keys on the side table she moved along the hall towards the open plan kitchen and dining area to find the table set for two. All the cutlery, plates, decorations and two red candles lit in small glass jars. The air had changed with an aroma of steak cooking. She looked over to the stove to find to pans simmering and still no sign of Max.
Moving toward the lounge she opened the door to music and a warm crackling fire. She glanced around the room, not seeing him at first. It wasn’t until her eyes alighted on the warmth from the fire that she found her naked husband lying on the fur rug with his back to the fire. His tousled hair made her groan. Her eyes roved over his hard body, his dark blue eyes, dim in the subdued light. His hard abs arrowing to his rock hard cock which his hand was stroking.
He smiled as their eyes connected.
Welcome home, darling. Won’t you join me?”
“How did you know,” she smirked lowering to her knees, crawling along the carpet to the large white fur rug. “this was a fantasy of mine,” she knelt beside him, leaning forward to suckle his balls into her mouth, one at a time.
Max hissed with pleasure.
“You gave me a list a few years ago…God that feels magical…I enjoy making your fantasies come true.”
Joelle licked up his shaft, taking control of his cock while his hands unbuttoned her blouse and front fastening bar. Her breasts spilt out into his hands, his thumbs tweaked her fast hardening nipples.
“Yes,” she moaned before going down over his throbbing length while his hands moved to her head encouraging her to move faster, closing his eyes in bliss.
“God, Joelle. Your mouth feels sublime around my cock.” He lifted her off. “I want you to…” She lifted up, shrugging out of her blouse and bra, lifting up her skirt to her waist, she smirked as his eyes landed on her thongless pussy. “Fuck me,” he muttered.
“Sure, Max,” she smiled, straddling his body, lining her body up she pushed down with a sigh of contentment.

“Damn, you feel hot,” he muttered as she sank over his cock. “I love your tightness, baby,” he groaned as she moved lower and lower, whimpering as he stretched her sheath. “Come on, feel me deep,” his hands lifted back to her breasts when she reached forward, kissing him, thrusting her tongue inside, battling his as she ground her hips down on him, twisting and rocking back and forth.
He jerked his hips up hard. Their kiss broke as she mewled in pleasure.
“Faster, Sweetheart,” he muttered and continued to push deep inside her.
“God, yes. Max,” she wailed her body contracting. She rode him faster, enjoying the friction.
“Time,” he groaned and began shooting his load to her core.
She felt his sperm hit her muscles as she tightened them, milking him for all cum until letting out her squeal of release and falling against his chest, panting.
“Bliss and such a wonderful welcome home.
“I’ve not finished yet, sweetheart,” he rolled over and began to fuck her hard, her feet curled around his back, her hips lifting against his with each plunge of his steel rod.
“Give me everything you’ve got, Max.” she whimpered. “Yes. There, please, Max. God. I’m cumming again.” She screamed her climax as he continued to keep her high and suckle her breasts, tugging her nipple rings with his teeth until his own orgasm washed over him with a roar of satisfaction.
“More surprises for you yet,” he withdrew rolling to her side, panting. “Tonight is ‘Naked Night’ meaning you need to finish taking off your skirt.”

Prologue to the first Novella of Jemma’s Diary


Jemma's Diary“Leigh,” I gasped out, my body in overload, “fuck me harder!” I screamed feverously, slammed back towards my husband’s steel cock. My pussy continuously swallowing him, “Fuck, pound me deeper,” I cried tossing my hair over my shoulder. My body started shuddering, making me pant. Wriggling my butt higher in the air, he smiled his slow sensuous smile knowing exactly how to please me with his steel rod.  In fact, he pleases me, making me wet by looking at me a certain way.

“Ohh yeah babe,” I heard him whisper softly, riding me faster, harder sliding against my g spot.  His balls hit my clit sensitizing it, making my inner wall muscles clench strongly on his hot velvet length, which was continually filling my tight pussy so sublimely.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” screaming, the impact of my orgasm washing over my body, waves of pleasure shattering through my body.

“Yeah babe, let it go, time to fly my love,” he grinned grabbing my hips hard, holding them tightly. My muscles squeezed his hard shaft each time he sank into my pussy.  “Fucking A, you feel fucking awesome.” His fingers drifted forward rubbing my clit in circles harder and harder I could feel my orgasm building higher.

“Ohh, crap here I cum again,” screaming, shooting over the edge of oblivion, my body shudders as wave after wave continues to blast through me. My pussy was clinging harder to his cock, milking him for all it was worth.

“Hellfire,” he grunted out, his body tensing and pounding his juices on my walls while my own cum ran down his shaft onto his gorgeously tight heavy balls.  Leigh collapsed beside me pulling me back into his arms. 

Sliding down his body I lay over him, cleaning my own cum off his naked balls.  I loved the taste of my essence. Through narrowed eyes,   I smirked, watching his cock start to throb again.  It seemed once was never enough!

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