Sultry Sexcapades – Booking a Naughty Spa Holiday

Published November 14, 2019 by Chloe King - Erotic Author

Yes, these spas and hotels do exist in the world. I researched them!

A little bit of research here and there shocked me with how many adult hotels and spas were out there. Some even had dungeons. I looked at the rooms and giggled. My husband found me in near hysterics when he arrived home. Don’t get me wrong. We’ve gone naked in a private spa before and even made love. It was wonderful, about six years ago on our honeymoon. Now was the time to rekindle our sexy nights.
The first week had gone a lot better than I thought it would. My husband hadn’t needed as much persuading as I thought. Not that we’d done much out of the square yet. Anal sex is a lot more common now than it used to be, however, there were other things I wanted to discover and do to keep our relationship perfect…well as perfect as a relationship can be.
“I open the door to hysterical laughter. What on earth are you doing?”
“I thought we’d go for a dirty weekend and was looking up adult hotels out of curiosity. My god, I got some rather unexpected places.” I wiped the tears from my eyes, putting my laptop down to stand up for a hug and kiss. “You have a good day?”
“Not as much fun as yours by the sounds of things.”
“I’ll show you after dinner when we can relax…” I smirked.
“You mean play,” he rolled his eyes, “You’re going to wear me out,” he teased.
“Well if that happens, I’ll have to get a new stud…” I giggled at his shocked face, poking him in the stomach, my hand reaching down to his delicious throbbing length. “Meanwhile, why don’t you start stripping so I can suck your delightful dick.”
I felt him go instantly hard, so fluttered my lashes at him. His briefcase thumped to the ground he caught me around the waist swirling me around and over the couch so fast I didn’t get a deep breath before he’d thrust his dick deep inside me.
“This should keep you quiet,” he murmured in my ear listening to my whimpers as he continued to fuck me hard. “I love taking my woman by surprise,” he removed my t-shirt and bra, fondling my breasts while I began to push back against him taking him deeper. “Even better I love a bit of butt.” I squeal when one of his fingers pressed into my other hole thrusting in time with his dick.
“Oh god,” I moaned. “Do me harder, Cody.”
He withdrew removing my skirt and panties and dived back in so hard he rocked the couch, the feet banging on the floor as it moved.
“Hot, tight and I bet you taste so damn sweet.” The next moment I felt his tongue licking through my folds, his teeth tugging my clit making me explode over his face. He lapped my cum up pushing some into my anus. I heard the rip of a packet and he was pushing gently into my rose hole. I whimpered at the stretch as I opened for him, welcoming him inside my body. Oh god, the feeling as he slid deep past my muscles. I could feel them rippling and widening as his dick filled me to the hilt.
“I need… Yes,” He pushed a vibrator in my sheath. Now my body was full. He pumped his hips, our bodies slapping together, faster. The vibration went on high and over I went screaming in bliss, my body shaking. My darling grunted. I didn’t realise until moments before he exploded, his dick clear of the condom and back in my sheath filling me with sperm until with one last long moan and jerk he was pressing me into the couch, finally finished, panting and sweaty.
“Now you need to feed me,” he slapped my butt as he pulled away. I looked at his near-naked body with a smirk, standing up I kissed his lips, entering the kitchen wrapping an apron around my naked body and began to cook. “Jesus, that is such a turn on, baby.”
“Now you’ve fucked me would you like to hear about the dungeon holiday spa’s I found?”
“Actually. I’d like to smack your butt for not getting dressed.”
“You liked this yesterday,” I smirked.
“Also, I’m not overly interested in dungeons, though I don’t mind playing your games,” he stood behind me, his dick hardening again as it slid between my butt cheeks.
“I’ll never get dinner cooked if you keep doing that,” I giggled.
“Who needs food when I have you.” his fingers grazed my nipples making me wet between my legs. “I could make love to you all day and night, darling.
“You need to refuel. Go shower and change,” I shoved my butt out bumping him away, my eyes watching his lips pout. He walked away, shoulders slouched, walking up the stairs to our bedroom.
“So, what did you want to show me?”
“Some rather lovely romantic and… sexy spa retreats. I think we deserve a get-away. Don’t you?”
“Anything to keep the Mrs happy,” he stole a kiss when I saw his eyes widen as they saw the first set of images on one of the websites. I bit my lip trying not to laugh.
“Well, I thought this one was lovely. The bed is sheer luxury with cuffs attached to the headboard and they supply brand new toys to use, condoms if you need and short sexy…” I looked at his face. “What?”
“Why would we need clothes if we’re making out all weekend.”
“To answer the door for any food or drink we send for. Or do you think you have enough energy for the whole weekend without.”
“The offer couple massages and each room have a natural hot pool to play in.”
“Sounds great. Are there any others you like?”
“Only one, though it’s a bit more BDSM which you said you didn’t like.”
“Show me.”
“It’s more of a dungeon set up. All in red and black, huge bed and all the things you can use on the walls and in several boxes. Of course, the toys are new for each couple.”
“Wow,” he looked at the images. “Tasteful yet a bit wild.”
“It also has couples’ massage and hot pools though not sure they are natural.”
“Which one do you prefer?”
“Well…I like both, so really it’s up to you and how adventurous you are or want to be…or even have the items there for show. After all, we don’t have to use anything and just love what we do with our own toys.”
“I like that idea. There to use if we wish.”
“I also got videos to watch, about other sexual positions we can use or try and see what works for us.”
“Book three days at the dungeon,” he said.
My fingers flew over the keyboard while his tormented my still naked body. He removed my apron lifting me on to his lap. I squirmed, feeling his dick throb, the heat against my skin delectable. His fingers moved through my wet lips making me moan as I tried to concentrate on booking a room. Just as I was pressing pay with our visa debt, I realised he was sliding me over his dick. He pulled me down making me gasp as his dick pushed past my muscles and he was fully inside me.
“God,” I whimpered, “fuck you feel great.” I pushed down harder widening my legs and began to play with my clit while the online payment went through. He pinched my nipples making me jump and press down harder.  “You’re massive,” I sighed sinking into his arms.
“I love your holes, darling. I could live inside you if it were possible.” He rocked me back and forth, thrusting up each time my back hit his chest. It was blissful, I loved the feel of his throbbing dick sitting inside me. I loved tightening and releasing my muscles making him moan and work faster. The computer pinged, I smiled pushing the coffee table away with my feet, standing up and facing him. Curling my fingers around his moist dick I sat down again, my breasts rubbing up and down his chest. His dick moved back inside me and I curled my legs around his back, arching my own and pressing down.
“Holy,” I cried out setting my pace as his dick scraped over my g-spot over and over, faster. He thrust up deep inside me suddenly and I was wailing my orgasm, milking his dick hard as he continued to thrust until with one last jerk, he closed his eyes leaning back on the couch and ejaculated his delicious sperm to my womb. I shuddered, continuing to roll my hips, moving as close as I could. I didn’t want him to withdraw. Panting, I snuggled into his shoulder until he came down and nuzzled my neck.
“Christ, that was excellent my sweet.” he nibbled my earlobe.
“Now we can test the waters of what we really enjoy,” I murmured kissing his lips. “Dirty weekend booked and paid for.”
“What about the rest of the night baby?”
“You’ve already fucked me…oh god you’re growing again,” I squealed feeling him throbbing inside me.
“Seems I can’t get enough of you, darling,” and thrust up while pressing me down making me scream in pleasure.
“F-far out…” I moaned.
“Stand up with me, hands on your knees,” he said. He plunged to my core his steel pole hitting my core, I climaxed around him when he pulled out pressing his engorged head in my rose hole and hissed his release which dripped out of me. His sperm made my muscles slippery and he eased further inside, I wailed as my pleasure exploded again.
“Damn, so fucking tight.” he moaned pumping his dick into me with long hard strokes until his dick was empty. Withdrawing he picked me up, carrying me upstairs for a shower and bed. God help me at the weekend…I was starting to wonder what I’d gotten myself into now.

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