Sultry Sexcapades – Shopping for Toys

Published November 8, 2019 by Chloe King - Erotic Author

I had to go shopping to get what I needed for my session with my husband tonight. It would be a night of discovery as we delved deeper into kinky sex. I’d enjoyed the anal sex even though it hurt, at least we’d read up on it first to get the best sensations with the least pain.
Now it was time to research what I wanted to do. This was the first time I’d be venturing into a sex shop as well and I thanked god we lived in a big city where nobody knew our names.
I stood outside the shop I’d chosen, biting my lip, picking up courage, I entered the premises. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door quickly stepping inside. The bell tinkled and a young woman appeared out of nowhere. I’d thought she’d be wearing something sexy, though she moved towards me in jeans and a t-shirt a smile on her face.
“How can I help you today.”
I glanced around, my eyes widening with shock, she giggled.
“I’ve no idea,” I muttered, flushing.
“First time for everything. I tell you what, our library is the best place to start or do you already have a fantasy or something you wish to try?”
“I-I want to make my husband hold back…err…not to release too soon,” I flushed scarlet.
“You’ll need a dick ring to help with that. Come this way.”
I followed her down the aisle until we stopped in front of some colourful dick rings.
“H-how do you choose. I didn’t realise there were so many kinds. What the hell is this one?”
She laughed. “You place it over his dick and around his balls the other part is a plug and fits into his butt. Generally, we sell more to gay couples, though some heterosexuals enjoy using them too.”
“I doubt he’d let me put a plug in his butt,” I giggled.
“Up to you and what you both wish to achieve. Over here are some nipple clamps…”
“Do you know anyone who has nipple piercings?”
“Your orgasms would be off the charts. It’s similar to clamps except permanent.”
“Yeah,” she grinned, “It also depends on how big his nipples are.”
“What else have you got?
“Costumes,” I followed her to the end of the aisle to see a rail of…sexy and erotic outfits for men and women. Damn, they were blush-worthy. I felt like a bloody virgin.
“Bloody hell.”
“If you want him to have a hard dick, then one of these would work wonders.” She showed me the corsets and thongs. I was starting to feel a bit wet just looking at them. “With your dark hair, this deep red would suit you. You’ve got great breasts…” she wandered over to the jewellery picking some dangling stuff up to show me. “If you don’t want clamps or piercings you can glue these to your nipples. We’ve lots of different kinds.”
“I never knew sex shops had so much stuff. This place is amazing.”
“Yeah. we have everything you could dream of. Vibrators, stuff for your clitoris. Your husband could have his dick pierced too. God sex is sublime with a dick piercing, the stud slides over your g-spot…” the doorbell chimed. She looked up into the security cameras, rolling her eyes. “I’ll be back shortly; you keep looking around.”
My eyes drifted to the camera; my eyes widened at the sight of two incredible hunks of male talking to…I’d not even asked her name…anyway they were gorgeous. Shaking my head, I wandered up the other side of the aisle, looking, touching and giggling at some of the items I found.
“You enjoying yourself there?”
“Shit,” I jumped. “You scared the hell outta me.”
He chuckled, his eyes looking me up and down. “Not seen you in here before.”
“More than likely you won’t again.”
“Jamie helping you?”
“Shop Advisor.”
“Oh, well yes. I’m fine you can go back and finish whatever you were doing.”
“I could help you. Jamie mentioned you were…” he smirked, “going to have some fun with your husband.”
“And how do you think you could help me?”
“I’m a guy. I could tell you what works and what won’t.”
“Jackson will you leave her be.” Scowled Jamie coming around the corner, placing her hands on her hips. “Go on git.”
“Spoilsport,” he chuckled, leaning down kissing her cheek, he called to his mate and they left the shop.
“Sorry about that.”
“I found this book you might like to read, or you can use the internet to research.”
“I’ll take the book, and I want to have another look at the dick rings. Do you have a changing room so I can try a corset on?” I smiled. “If I dress in one, it’ll knock his socks off.”
“Sure. Did you want clamps as well?”
“Nope. I’ll take four different dick rings and some soft cuffs.”
“Great. I’ll get sort out the dick rings you can look through and meet you at the front desk with the rest. You can choose which dick rings you want there. As for the corsets, you can pick your corset size easily enough, they’re pretty accurate size-wise.”
I was soon standing in the changing room twirling around in a deep red corset. It looked amazing with my skin tone and dark hair. The corset had half cups that would hold most of my breasts, though I knew they’d spill over a little. The itsy-bitsy thong dangled on my finger making me giggle. I changed back to my clothes; my darling hubby was in for a shock tonight. On the way back to the till I inspected the jewellery, picking up some nipple caps. Jamie packaged everything while I paid with my debit card.
“Thanks for all your help, Jamie. Much appreciated.”
“Welcome. If you need to chat come and see me,” she grinned.
“Thanks. I might just do that.”
Happy with my purchases I drove home to prepare for our next session of sexual exploration.

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