Biting Kisses

Published January 23, 2016 by claire plaisted

Kisses with a bite – Enjoy

30 Day of Kisses

Day Seven

Jaide looked around the room, everyone was partying hard, well except the gorgeous hunk leaning against the far wall.  Her eyes widened when their eyes connected.  Violet eyes to cinnamon brown, she shivered as if someone had walked over her grave.  She saw a small smirk curve his lips, he winked at her just as she tore her eyes away, somewhat flustered.

“Who you staring at Jaide?”

“Wondering who the gorgeous hunk is over there.  I’ve never seen him at any of your parties before.”

“Pedro,” she sighed, her eyes going all dreamy.  “He’s lush and sadly my  cousin, which in many ways is a bummer.”

“Where is he from with a name like that,” Jaide asked in surprise.

“Islington,” she laughed, “His mother is Spanish.  Would you like me to introduce you?”

Before she could protest, Lisle grabbed her arm, pulling her over towards Pedro, they came to a…

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