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The Kiss of a Rose

Published January 25, 2016 by claire plaisted

30 Day of Kisses

Day Six

The kiss of a rose,” sang out on the radio with the divine voice of Seal.  He’d always made my heart beat faster with his sexy voice, just like Liam did.  Oh how I love listening to Liam talking, though much better when he was singing in the shower.

“Rose,” he yelled.

“What now Jordy?”  I rolled my eyes at my boyfriend.

“Get in here woman, i’m hungry,” he said demandingly.

“Get off your ass and make your own dinner, I’ve gotta go out with the band tonight,” I yelled back.

“Fuck the band.”

I popped my head around the door to the lounge.  “Well that depends on if you wanna eat this week or not Jordy.”

“Damn it Rose,” he snapped.

“Well get a sodding job then Jordy.  I do’t know how you and Liam can be so bloody different.”

“Stop comparing me to Liam, makes me think…

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Biting Kisses

Published January 23, 2016 by claire plaisted

Kisses with a bite – Enjoy

30 Day of Kisses

Day Seven

Jaide looked around the room, everyone was partying hard, well except the gorgeous hunk leaning against the far wall.  Her eyes widened when their eyes connected.  Violet eyes to cinnamon brown, she shivered as if someone had walked over her grave.  She saw a small smirk curve his lips, he winked at her just as she tore her eyes away, somewhat flustered.

“Who you staring at Jaide?”

“Wondering who the gorgeous hunk is over there.  I’ve never seen him at any of your parties before.”

“Pedro,” she sighed, her eyes going all dreamy.  “He’s lush and sadly my  cousin, which in many ways is a bummer.”

“Where is he from with a name like that,” Jaide asked in surprise.

“Islington,” she laughed, “His mother is Spanish.  Would you like me to introduce you?”

Before she could protest, Lisle grabbed her arm, pulling her over towards Pedro, they came to a…

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Raining Kisses

Published January 22, 2016 by claire plaisted

Raining Kisses

30 Day of Kisses

Day FourThe sun went behind the clouds, thunder rumbled in the distance, electrifying our surroundings.  Releasing his hand, I looked up, my eyes flashing hot with desire as  the first drops of rain hit our skin.

I shivered, as each drop ran down my top, cooling my hot skin.  I felt like I was sizzling.  He caught my chin in his fingers, smoothing his thumb over my lips.

“I love the rain,” I murmured.  

“Heidi girl, your’re divine,” he replied.

That was when i finally noticed my clothes were now soaked through, my nipples hard and aching for his touch.  I leaned into him watching his desire grow.  He shrugged out of his t-shirt, his dark hair plastered to his head.  Smiling down at me his head to one side making me grin.

“What Roan?”

“I’m going to kiss you Heidi.”

Next moment he had me in his arms, leaning…

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First Kiss

Published January 20, 2016 by claire plaisted

First Kiss from Bree and Jackson.

30 Day of Kisses

Day FiveBree lifted her head, smiling as the dark chocolate brown eyes of her new lover drew closer.  One of his large hands cupped the back of her head, his other lifting her blonde hair behind her ear, stroking the lush locks, making her shiver.

“Let me kiss your sweet lips Bree,” he whispered, his breath brushing across her lips.  Her nose twitched, her eyes closed as she inhaled his scent.  One she was becoming addicted to.

“Jackson,” she murmured, her sea green eyes flickering open, a small smile catching the edges of her mouth. “You can kiss me anytime,” she said, her hand stroking the stubble on his face as they sighed into their kiss.

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Burning Kisses

Published January 18, 2016 by claire plaisted

Burning Kisses with Terri & Marc

30 Day of Kisses

Day OneTerri groaned, her pleasure heightened as Marc trailed hot burning kisses across her throat until his lip met hers.  Whimpering she opened her mouth in welcome, her eyes darkening as her desire grew.  Marc looked deep into her eyes before they fluttered closed.  Their kisses deepening as tongues tantalized, tangling together Terri let a powerful shudder move through her body so he held her closer, tighter letting her feel everything she was doing to his body.  He moved her backwards, until her back was against the wall, she muttered as the ice cold cooled the heat in her body.

“Marc,” she shivered.  “

“I love the taste of your soft, silky skin, you divine lips taste…”  He starts to mutter, never finishing his sentence.  Terri kissed him, demanding more…

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Angel Kisses

Published January 17, 2016 by claire plaisted

The Kiss of an Angel

30 Day of Kisses

Day TwoHer soft lips clung to his, her urgency to deepen the kiss following through her body , making her whimper.  He smiled down at her, enjoying her Angel Kisses, so gentle they were barely there.

“You’re amazing Emily,” he murmured against her lips.  “I love your taste, your scent.”  He nuzzled into he neck, Emily moaned in protest bringing his lips back to hers.

“Kiss me Ryan, make me yours,” she whispered.

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Sunshine Kisses

Published January 15, 2016 by claire plaisted

Love your first Summer Kiss.

30 Day of Kisses

     We all need those sunshine kisses. The ones that happen on warm day and cool breeze, the treasured kiss when you are talking and laughing, holding hands, sharing tidbits of each other. Learning something new about someone, sharing a secret or an embarrassing moment then there’s silence, a long gaze into each others eyes, a soft sigh as you lean together, capturing soft lips, a tender caress, sealing the sunshine of the moment into each other.


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