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Book Two – Four OUT NOW

Published November 21, 2015 by Chloe King - Erotic Author

Book One of Jemma’s Diary,

“From Virgin to Motherhood,”

Now on Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Inkstra and Kindle




Book Two

Book Two of Jemma’s Diary “Married with Lovers to Motherhood,” is now on KINDLE for $2.95.  A hot sultry story of how Jemma deals with her nympho ways which seem to increase until she is an emotional mess.  Will she find her niche for a happy life or will her body take over when her emotional rage during an unexpected pregnancy.  Can Leigh help her though her troubles or will she use her lovers to soothe her desires.

Hot, Explicit, Foursome, Bondage….What more could she ask for!!

Jemma’s Diary – Book Two


Book Three

Book Three of Jemma’s Diary, “Motherhood and Dracon,” tells the journey she takes with Leigh her husband and Dracon, a man who is her lover and who loves her.  A man who saves her family from been obliterated by an jealous ex-lover.  A man she comes to love along with her husband Leigh.

What gift can they give him for saving their family.  What does he want or need.  Or will the ex-lover get in the way again, making their life hell once more.

Hot, Explicit, Kidnapping and Bondage…  Much more than she ever asked for.

Jemma’s Diary – Book Three


Book Four

Book Four of Jemma’s Diary, “Kidnapped Again and Training School,” is everything is says.  Her world turned upside down when she is taken and wakes up in another world.  Training School, entertaining men and some women with sex.  Collared by her new Master, she is used by his clients, gagged, whipped, cuffed and blindfolded by him until she obeys his every instruction.  Will she survive.  Is a rescue on the books or will this be her life from now on.  Read on to find out more.

Explicit, BDSM, Hot, MMF

Jemma’s Diary – Book Four

Jemma’s Diary Continues

Published November 17, 2015 by Chloe King - Erotic Author

Hello Everyone.

The first book is now available at Barnes and Noble and Inktra (Page Foundry)

Jemma’s Diary Book One @ Barnes & Noble

Jemma’s Diary Book One @ inktera

Jemma’s Diary book One @ Kobo

Jemma’s Diary Book One @ Apple

Jemma’s Diary Book One @ 24 Symbols

I put the rush on my Jemma’s Diary Series and now have another three books for you to read and buy at Amazon in all countries.

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